trying to write a blog

as now everone is blogging around i’m going to have a try for myself.
hope it won’t be to boring after all (for you guys to read it ;) ).

some days ago i really finished myelinising my brain: here you go with a photo of our work - this is what every student of psychology should do one time in his or her life ;)

well then... guess i should go to bed now as i need sleep for my seminar tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed that my presentation will work out fine ...

actually i learned today that everyone should first love himself or better: should learn to accept himself - then no other problems shall be there.
it was an interesting seminar by now and i learned a lot about myself again.
guess this learning will never end and i love it - i really love it never to know where the journey ends. it seems as if the new experiences never stop...

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  1. Hi there!
    hey, you managed to put your blog online :).
    thats wonderful!!